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Unique, beautiful, and built–to–last products including Custom–made Cell Phone Cases, Folding Knife, and Multi–Tool Holsters, Deer Crown Necklaces, Bolo Ties and Scarf Slides.



Cell Phone Cases are available in the following colors

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We offer two types of decorative closures for cell phone cases. These are featured on the front of the case over the snap that locks the cell phone firmly in place. You have your choice of Dear Crown or Metal Concho closures.

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About Pope's Fine Leather Goods

Welcome to Pope’s Fine Leather Goods. My name is Lee Pope, its founder. I’ve lived in the West all of my life. I grew up loving fine horses and fine leather products. Making unique leather items has been a longstanding passion of mine.

About 30 years ago, I purchased my first Leatherman tool, but I didn’t like the cheap cases that came with them. I started handcrafting rugged “built to last” fine custom leather holsters made to fit each new tool or knife they came up with.  My first holsters came with a genuine deer crown draw string closure. They are truly unique. I also added beautiful metal concho closures you can pick from.

Since that time, every horse packing, camping, fishing or hunting trip I took included one of my holsters loaded with my favorite folding knife or multi tool. Almost like clockwork, wherever I went, other outdoorsmen who saw one of my holsters asked me the same question: “Where did you get that?” I told ’em I made it, and then they would ask me to make them one. That’s what I did for 25 years. It was obvious that folks really liked these rugged and attractive holsters, so in the year 2010 I started Pope’s Fine Leather Goods. Now I’m making these holsters for you.

But I haven’t stopped with holsters. Many of my first customers liked their tool holsters so much they asked me to make them a cell phone case with the same rugged design – and I have. For cell phones, I’ve converted the deer crown into a magnet closure for faster access, and added a genuine 1/4″ sheep skin liner to fully protect the face of the phone. And for those who want a different style, I’ve provided a variety of beautiful conchos to choose from that will change the look of your cell phone case to fit your own unique tastes. All of my holsters and cell cases are hand molded for a better fit, a better look, and to last longer.

Because the deer crowns have been so popular, I have developed some new deer crown products that are as unique as my holsters and cell cases. I laser-engrave the deer crowns with a wide variety of images and then turn them into necklace pendants, bolo tie slides, silk scarf slides, and closures for holsters and cases.

If you like rugged quality products made in America, with a strikingly attractive and unique look, you’re going to want one of my creations. Go ahead and browse through the product options on the menu bar, find a holster, cell case, engraved deer crown necklace, bolo tie, or scarf slide. Come on in and let’s get you properly outfitted!



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